Introducing Our Dedicated UK Team

We are excited to introduce our team of expert Account Managers at MWE, strategically aligned to provide unparalleled support across the UK. Meet Sophie Price, Thomas Robinson, and Katerina Evangali, who bring extensive experience in microbiology and customer support to ensure your laboratory operations are optimized and efficient.
MWE's UK Team of Account Managers. Tom, Sophie and Katerina

Introducing Our UK Team

We are delighted to formally introduce our dedicated team of Account Managers, each strategically aligned to provide unparalleled support across specific regions.

Meet Your Account Managers

Sophie Price – UK Sales Manager

UK Key Accounts

The foundation of Sophie’s career began with an integrated master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Southampton. She embarked on her career in Research and Development laboratories, gaining invaluable insights into scientific principles and laboratory operations. Transitioning into sales, Sophie initially focused on non-clinical sales, leveraging her technical knowledge to deliver tailored solutions. Her dedication and expertise propelled her to advance into Micro Clinical Sales, where she honed her skills in addressing clinical challenges and ensuring precise outcomes.

Now serving as UK Sales Manager, Sophie is deeply committed to supporting our customers, ensuring they achieve dependable results for their patients. Sophie’s passion lies in bridging the gap between scientific excellence and customer satisfaction, making her a vital asset in driving innovation and reliability across diverse sectors.

Thomas Robinson – UK Account Manager (excluding London and East of England)

Thomas Robinson brings extensive expertise as UK Account Manager, supporting the United Kingdom, excluding London and East of England. With degrees in Molecular Biology and Microbiology from Manchester Metropolitan University, complemented by studies at California State University San Marcos, Thomas has a solid foundation in biological sciences.

His career includes practical experience in pivotal roles in microbiology, specialising in pK/pD and antimicrobial research. He has contributed significantly to sectors such as food and water industries, Antimicrobial Reference Laboratories, and a start-up focused on rapid diagnostic platforms.

Thomas excels in customer support, prioritising enhanced lab workflows and efficiency. Combining his scientific background with a strong commitment to client satisfaction, he ensures seamless experiences that support critical laboratory operations.

Katerina Evangali – UK Account Manager (Greater London, and East of England)

Katerina Evangali recently joined MWE with a background in Biomedical Science and Medical Microbiology from Kingston University, London. Her experience at St George’s Hospital provided hands-on insight into lab operations, refining her ability to deliver effective solutions.

Specialising in clinical sales, Katerina integrates scientific expertise with a passion for building client relationships. She excels in optimising laboratory workflows through meticulous use of quality testing methods, focusing on London and South East England. Katerina is dedicated to enhancing efficiency in lab operations, ensuring reliable results crucial for patient care and research.

Her role as Account Manager underscores her commitment to supporting clients across clinical, pharmaceutical, and research sectors, empowering them with tailored solutions for their specific needs.

Expertise You Can Trust

Our team boasts extensive experience within microbiology laboratories and excels in customer support. Their deep understanding of microbiology ensures that you receive informed and practical solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Connecting with You

Our Account Managers are actively engaging with clients across their regions, ready to introduce themselves and showcase our exciting new products. At MWE, we value the importance of face-to-face conversations as the best way to connect, understand, and address your challenges.

We look forward to building strong, personal relationships with you and supporting you with our expertise and innovative solutions.

Get in Touch With Our UK Team

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a meeting with your Account Manager, please feel free to contact us. We are here to ensure you receive the best possible support and to help your business thrive.

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MWE's UK Team of Account Managers. Tom, Sophie and Katerina
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