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MWE manufactures a wide range of products such as swabs and specimen collection media for the safe handling, collection and transportation of viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms. We are the only UK manufacturer of swabs. Our products are manufactured to International Standards and meet the CLSI-M40-A2 validation (for the quality control of microbiology specimen transport devices).


More than just Clinical

Swabs and specimen collection are used in other areas outside of the clinical setting. MWE supplies a range of swabs and specimen collection media into Food, Pharmaceutical, Forensics, Environmental, and Research. Our products are used globally in over 120 countries. Our capacity has grown 10-fold and we manufacture millions of swabs and media on a weekly basis.

Our Ethos

We strive to ensure our products meet international standards, they are the best quality on the market, and they are validated. Good quality doesn’t come cheap, and cheap quality isn’t always good. Validation and standards can give you the assurance that the products you are buying are good quality and will provide the best results. We listen to our customers and their needs to innovate products that provide a solution to their challenges.

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Monkeypox – finding a solution

MWE’s ranges have been the products of choice globally, and are being used as inactivation and liquid transport media for Monkeypox. Please refer to your own country’s guidelines for more information on the type of product being used.

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Latex free

Latex Free Products

Latex comes from the rubber tree and is widely known to cause allergic reactions. An allergic reaction is when your body overreacts to a particular substance (such as latex, kiwis or pollen). Most clinical environments will routinely substitute out latex products as a precautionary measure if possible. MWE’s products do not contain latex.

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