Azeem Hanif Joins MWE as Export Sales Manager

Azeem Hanif joins MWE, as Export Sales Manager, bringing 20 years' of experience.

We are delighted to have Azeem Hanif join the MWE team as Export Sales Manager. Having graduated Applied Biology, Azeem started his Laboratory career in Cellular Pathology for a short period before moving directly to Diagnostic Sales and using his experience gained in the laboratory to best assist his clients.  Azeem has been a strong sales professional, now with over 20 years of experience selling into not only the clinical markets, but across University, Research, Pharma, Vet and Water Industries.

For Azeem, it’s vital he understands the values of his clients and actively listens to their needs. Understanding clients’ needs is essential to customer satisfaction and overall performance.

He thrives on direct engagement with his clients and has been at the forefront, helping clients transform and develop solutions and technologies that have enabled stronger customer engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Azeem is very much looking forward to meeting you soon.

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