SIGMA MM™ is the only inactivation media that inactivates deadly pathogens in 60 seconds. Has been proven to be effective against SARS-CoV-2. This media can be used for microorganisms, bacteria & viruses, including Coronavirus.

The liquid media is great for molecular techniques. It has been proven to be keep the RNA and DNA stable for at least 21 days at room temperature and refrigerated.

Also available with a swab in a peel pouch (product code MW0250) see below

Industry Categories:
  • Sigma-MM™ solution rapidly inactivates microorganisms, including bacteria, mycobacteria, and viruses
  • Suitable for highly infectious clinical specimens
  • DNA and RNA preserved for molecular testing
  • Can be used with any swab or just as a liquid specimen collection
  • Powerful reagents inactivate deadly pathogens immediately
  • Safe and stable for transport at ambient temperature
  • Nucleases inactivated
  • Suitable for all microorganisms
  • Effective for viruses, including Coronavirus
  • Effective for bacteria including mycobacteria
Product Codes
Code Description Cap Colour Swab Length Pack Size
MWMM SIGMA MM - 1.5ml Molecular Inactivation Medium only , no swab White No Swab 50
MW0250 SIGMA MM - 1.5ml Molecular Inactivation Medium Plastic Green Foam Swab With a Breakpoint White Foam plastic 150mm with a 70mm break swab 50
Product Insert / IFU
Document Name
∑-MM (Sigma MM) Product Insert English
Independent Studies
Document Name
Inactivation of SARS-COV-2 - Glasgow Study 2021
Document Name
Evaluation of Sigma MM for routine diagnostics in Virology - Turnbull
Document Name
Evaluation of Microbial Viability and Nucleic Acid Integrity After Exposure to Sigma MM Inactivation Media - Elcocks, Qadir & Adukwu
Document Name
Sigma MM compatible with the GeneXpert PCR analyser for MRSA, showing no interference with the chemistry, and completely effective at killing the MRSA at all concentrations, rendering the specimens non-infective. - Khan & Al-Nasash 2019
Document Name
Sigma MM's evaluation showing it renders clinical samples of Influenza A and B non-infectious and safe for handling and transport, while also allowing high quality extraction of nucleic acid for use in RT-PCR - Valette et al 2017
Document Name
2022 Inactivation Of SARS-COV-2 in ∑-MM™
Document Name
Validation of the ∑-MM™ Medium for the Detection of SARS-CoV-2 EMMD 2022 - Jones et al
Document Name
Khan et al 2022 SARS-CoV-2 Stability Testing Using ∑-MM™ Deactivating Media EMMD 2022
Document Name
Bacteriophage Phi6 As A Surrogate For Coronavirus - ∑-MM™ - Sansom and Foxall 2022
Document Name
For articles and clinical studies on Sigma-MM™

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