SELENITE BROTH - Enrichment Medium

SELENITE BROTH for Salmonella Isolation.

SELENITE BROTH was originally developed by Liefson, and has long been used as a standard method for the selective recovery of Salmonella with the inhibition of other enteric microorganisms such as E. coli and faecal streptococci.


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Recommended Applications

Swabs from FECAL TRANSWAB® specimens can be transferred to the SELENITE BROTH tubes, or fecal matter from any stool specimens can be inoculated directly into the broth.

  • Supplied in screw cap plastic tubes
  • Compatible with the automated processing platforms now present in many clinical microbiology laboratories
  • Accepts ‘captured swab’ from FECAL TRANSWAB® or SIGMA TRANSWAB®
  • Easily transferred by removing the complete cap and swab assembly from the SIGMA TRANSWAB® or FECAL TRANSWAB® tube, and screwing onto the SELENITE BROTH tube
  • The original cap from the SELENITE BROTH tube can be used to close the SIGMA TRANSWAB® or FECAL TRANSWAB® tube

Alternatively the SELENITE BROTH tube can also be inoculated with a small amount (0.2 – 0.5g) of faecal specimen.

Product Codes
Code Cap colour Pack size Shelf life
MWSEL White 50 1 year
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SELENITE BROTH – Enrichment Medium

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