TRANSWAB® STUART’S is a single swab with a rayon bud type. It is available with a STUART’s gel media. The formulation does not include magnesium chloride, and is recommended for certain molecular methods for MRSA. It  comes with a plastic shaft with either a single or two swabs. Two swabs are used for multiple testing or sampling from multiple sites.

These are available with Charcoal, where Charcoal is needed to neutralise bacterial toxins and other inhibitory substances.

Gel media is used in traditional culture techniques. It is also good for recovery of aerobes, anaerobes and fastidious organisms.

All our TRANSWAB® products are compliant with the CLSI standard M40-A2. This standard is for the Quality Control of Microbiological Specimen Transport Devices.

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Recommended application

Wound, skin, and throat

  • Semi-solid Amies medium for routine sampling
  • Two rayon bud swabs or single
  • Available with Charcoal
  • Ideal for MRSA screening
  • Two swabs so multiple testing becomes possible
  • One swab can be tested immediately the other at the laboratory
  • Sampling of multiple sites for enhanced screening of MRSA
Product Codes
Code Description Cap colour Swab length Pack size No. in case Shelf life
MW166P Gel Plain Duo White 15cm 125 1000 2 years
MW165C Gel Stuarts Charcoal Black 15cm 125 1000 2 years
MW165P Gel Stuarts Plain This product is: Build To Order with a 6-8 week lead time and minimum order value. Blue 15cm 125 1000 2 years
MW166C Gel Stuarts Charcoal Duo White 15cm 125 1000 2 years
Document Name
MSDS MW165C (Transwab® with Charcoal Stuarts)
Document Name
MSDS MW165P (Transwab® with Plain Stuart)
Document Name
MSDS MW166C (Transwab® with Charcoal Stuarts with Duo Swab)
Document Name
Accreditation Documentation
Document Name
Quality Management Certificate ISO 13485
Document Name
EC Certificate Directive 93/42/EEC
Document Name
Latex Free Products
Document Name
LRQA Certificate of Approval ISO 9001
Document Name
UKCA Approval Certificate
Document Name
Sample Non-Website Published Document
Document Name
Transwab Amies
Document Name
Transwab Amies
Document Name
Transwab Amies
Product Insert / IFU
Document Name
Dryswab Product Insert French v.16
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