∑-VCM™ is a preservation and a universal transport media device, used for optimum recovery of viruses, chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma and Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Antibiotics in the medium inhibit the growth of contaminating bacteria and fungi.

It is compatible with culture and molecular diagnostic techniques.

∑-VCM™ can have a positive clinical impact on the development of reliable laboratory results. This single universal medium can reduce the number of inappropriately taken samples, therefore avoiding the need to order repeat specimens.There is also no need for ∑-VCM™ to be refrigerated or frozen for transport.

∑-VCM™ can be stored and transported at ambient temperature.

∑-VCM™ is compliant with the CLSI standard M40-A2. This standard is for the Quality Control of Microbiology Specimen Transport Devices.

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Recommended applications

Respiratory, wound and skin.

  • Liquid VCM™ recovers viruses, Chlamydia, mycoplasma & ureaplasma, and Neisseria gonorrhoeae
  • Single Σ swab
  • Compatible with molecular & cell culture techniques and is a universal transport media device.
  • Single medium for urogenital specimens
  • Suitable for molecular and conventional techniques including cell culture
  • Liquid phase ideal for multiple aliquoting
Product Codes

Small Vial – Tube size: 81mm (h) x 12mm (Ø) Cap size: 15mm (h) x 17mm (Ø) Tube with cap: 83mm (h)

Large Vial – Tube size: 101mm (h) x 15mm (Ø) Cap size: 16mm (h) x 20mm (Ø) Tube with cap: 103mm (h)

Code Description Cap Colour Swab Length Pack Size
MW910S Standard Tip, small vial Red 15cm 125
MW910S3ML 3ml Standard Tip, small vial Red 15cm 125
MW911PF2ML 2ml Flexible Shaft Mini Tip PurFlock®, small vial Red 15cm 125
MW911S Liquid VCM Flexible Shaft Mini, small vial Red 15cm 125
MW912S Duo Standard and Mini Tip, small vial Red 15cm 125
MW913PF2ML 2ml Flexible Shaft Micro Ultrafine Tip PurFlock®, small vial Red 15cm 125
MW914PF2ML 2ml Duo Standard and Mini Tip PurFlock®, small vial Red 15cm 125
MW915T 1ml medium only, with no swab, small vial This product is: Build to Order with a 6-8 week lead time and minimum order value. Red 50
MW916T 3ml medium only, with no swab, small vial Red 50
MW918S Tapered Shaft Standard Tip, large vial Red 15cm 125
MW919S Flexible Shaft Mini Tip, large vial Red 15cm 125
MW920S 3ml Duo Standard and Mini Tip, large vial Red 15cm 125
MW921S 3ml Duo Two Standard Tip, large vial Red 15cm 125
MW926T 3ml medium only, no swab, large vial This product is: Build to Order with a 6-8 week lead time and minimum order value. Red 50
Document Name
MSDS MW910S (Sigma VCM™)
Document Name
Document Name
MSDS MW911S (Sigma VCM™)
Document Name
MSDS MW912S (Sigma VCM™)
Document Name
MSDS MW915T (Sigma VCM™)
Document Name
MSDS MW916T (Sigma VCM™)
Document Name
MSDS MW918S (Sigma VCM™)
Document Name
MSDS MW919S (Sigma VCM™)
Document Name
MSDS MW920S (Sigma VCM™)
Document Name
MSDS MW921S (Sigma VCM™)
Document Name
MSDS MW924S (Sigma VCM™)
Document Name
MSDS MW926T (Sigma VCM™)
Document Name
Document Name
Document Name
Document Name
Independent Studies
Document Name
Study showing good uptake and release of DNA as well as recovery of the CMV DNA in both the Sigma VCM and Sigma Virocult media. This study also shows that degradation of the control material is minimal even after a holding period of 72 hrs at room temperature - Laughlin
Document Name
Study showing Sigma VCM® liquid medium allows for the detection of target DNA following prolonged storage at room temperature without sample degradation, and helps in diagnosis of Urethritis - Eltringham
Document Name
Evaluation of Mycoplasma Hominis transfer by different swabs to Sigma VCM transport media showed that MWE Sigma Swabs were superior to Copan Rayon and Cobas PCR Swabs - Kiran & Spiller 2018
Document Name
Evaluation of Sigma VCM proven to be effective in preserving the viability of Mycoplasma hominis - Rees & Spiller 2017
Document Name
Evaluation showing viability of Ureaplasma species in Ʃ-VCM transport medium being stable for 4 days at room temperature, which could be extended to at least 264 hours if kept at 4˚C - Ridge & Spiller
Document Name
Study demonstrating that Sigma-VCM® transport swab is capable of maintaining the viability of Neisseria gonorrhoeae at room temperature or refrigerated temperature for at least 24h, which can be extended - Stuczen 2011
Document Name
All MWE Liquid Media and Swabs are compatible with the FilmArray system, bioFire - Laughlin,2017
Product Insert / IFU
Document Name
∑-VCM – Product Insert (Czech)
Document Name
∑-VCM (Sigma VCM) Product Insert English
Document Name
∑-VCM (Sigma VCM) Product Insert (French)
Document Name
∑-VCM – Bruksanvisning (Svenska) Product Insert Swedish
Document Name
∑-VCM (Sigma-VCM) Product Insert Italian
Document Name
Dryswab Product Insert French v.16
Accreditation Documentation
Document Name
Quality Management Certificate ISO 13485
Document Name
MDSAP Certificate
Document Name
EC Certificate Directive 93/42/EEC
Document Name
Latex Free Products
Document Name
LRQA Certificate of Approval ISO 9001
Document Name
UKCA Approval Certificate
Document Name
Sample Non-Website Published Document
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