Sigma-TSB™ with 6.5% NaCl - MRSA

∑-TSB™ is a swab based device for the direct collection and rapid processing of Staphylococcus aureus.

The product includes a 2ml vial of TSB enrichment broth and a swab which can be snapped into the vial.

After collecting the specimen, the vial can be incubated for a few hours before inoculation onto a chromogenic agar medium for the direct detection and identification of MRSA.

Industry Categories:
Recommended applications

The swab is used to collect specimen(s) in normal way from nose, throat, axilla, perineum, groin or rectum.

  • Tryptic soy broth with 6.5% Sodium Chloride
  • Choice of swabs (standard or rectal)
  • Compatible with all current automated processing
  • Enrichment of specimens for direct plating on chromogenic agars
  • Simpler processing and faster turnaround times for MRSA screening specimens
  • Snap ‘n’ Cap format compatible with automated processing platforms
Product Codes
Code Description Cap colour Swab length Pack size No. in a case Shelf life
MWTSB65 Medium Standard Tip Polyurethane Foam, 2ml Orange 15cm 125 1000 1 year
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Sigma-TSB™ with 6.5% NaCl – MRSA

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