Sigma- TRANSWAB® is the world’s leading liquid amies transport for automated and conventional processing.

The original TRANSWAB® was the first commercially produced gel transport swab, and for many years has led the field for reliable microbiological specimen collection and transport. A programme of continuous development has kept TRANSWAB® ahead of changes in laboratory science and regulatory requirements, so that it remains a trusted partner in the diagnosis of infectious diseases.

The specimen is collected by swab & snapped into the tube of Liquid Amies Transport Medium. This process is enhanced by the incorporation of an open-celled foam-tipped swab which allows complete flow through of the liquid medium, reagents and microorganism. This increases the sensitivity of any diagnostic procedures.

The microorganisms from the initial specimen are released from the swab & dispersed throughout the medium, producing a uniform suspension ready for use, whether it’s for direct inoculation onto plates or into a broth, or for use with the many molecular diagnostics currently available.

∑–TRANSWAB® is compliant with the CLSI standard M40-A2. This standard is for the Quality Control of Microbiology Specimen Transport Devices.

Variations available for ENT, MRSA etc.

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Recommended applications

Used in a clinical setting for wounds, skin, throat and other swabbing

  • Liquid Amies media
  • Σ Swabs for optimum sample pick up and release
  • Shatter proof vial
  • Cap incorporates an ingenious swab capture mechanism
  • Liquid phase allows rapid sampling
  • Open cell flow through foam bud allows full access and release of sampled organisms
  • Compatible with conventional and automated processing
  • Cap enables automatic removal of the swab for diagnostics
Product Codes
Code Description Cap colour Swab length Pack size No. in a case Shelf life
MW167S Liquid Amies Duo for MRSA White 15cm 125 1000 2 years
MW176M Liquid Amies 1ml with no swab This product is: Build To Order (BTW) with a 6-8 week lead time and minimum order value. Purple n/a 125 1000 2 years
MW176S Liquid Amies Purple 15cm 125 1000 2 years
MW176S2ML Liquid Amies 2ml Purple 15cm 125 1000 2 years
MW176S3 Liquid Amies Triple for MRSA White 15cm 125 1000 2 years
MW176SE2 Liquid Amies Standard and Mini Tip Purple 15cm 125 1000 2 years
MW176T3 Liquid Amies 3ml Purple 200 2 years
MW177S ENT Liquid Amies Mini Tip Orange 15cm 125 1000 2 years
MW177S2ML ENT Liquid Amies Mini Tip 2ml Orange 15cm 125 1000 2 years
Document Name
MSDS MW167S (Sigma Transwab with Liquid Amies)
Document Name
MSDS MW176S (Sigma Transwab with Liquid Amies)
Document Name
MSDS MW176S3 (Sigma Transwab with Liquid Amies)
Document Name
MSDS MW176SE2 (Sigma Transwab with Liquid Amies)
Document Name
MSDS MW177S (Sigma Transwab with Liquid Amies)
Document Name
Document Name
Product Insert / IFU
Document Name
∑-Transwab (Sigma Transwab) Product Insert English
Document Name
∑-Transwab – Product Insert (Czech)
Document Name
∑-Transwab – Bruksanvisning (Svenska) Product Insert Swedish
Document Name
∑-Transwab (Sigma Transwab) Product Insert French
Document Name
∑-TRANSWAB (SIGMA-TRANSWAB) Product Insert Italian
Independent Studies
Document Name
Survival of Pneumococci - Heidelberg, Weisenberger 2019
Document Name
Sigma-Transwab® met CLSI acceptance criteria for all M40-A2 bacteria after the specified holding periods for both Qualitative (Roll Plate) and Quantitative (Swab Elution) methods as it was able to recover all specified strains at both room temperature and at 4 °C in full compliance with M40-A2 - Adukwu and Gizzie
Document Name
Validation to show that Sigma Transwab is compatible with the Copan WASP system, and that it runs smoothly and accurately - Chatelain
Document Name
Sigma Transwab® in liquid Amies transport medium provides a superior recovery method for Neisseria gonorrhoeae from clinical material which has been adopted by York Sexual Health Clinic, UK - Child, 2017
Document Name
Laboratory evaluation of the Sigma Transwab® transport system for the recovery of Candida species using the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) document M40-A2 - Elcocks & Adukwu
Document Name
Successful recovery of Genomic DNA and isolation of 16S Ribosomal DNA from Sigma Transwab® system with viability acceptance in accordance with CLSI M40-A2 standard - Gizzie & Adukwu
Document Name
Successful evaluation of Liquid-Based Swab Transport Systems against the new revision of Approved CLSI M40-A2 Standard 2016 - Gizzie & Adukwu
Document Name
Evaluation of Sigma Transwab® in Liquid Amies Transport Medium in Scotland for Neisseria gonorrhoeae Culture. - Graveling et al
Document Name
early identification and isolation of carriers are key components of an effective infection control strategy in hospitals. This report demonstrates the results of a new screening method to identify CPE in patients within 24 hours, help reducing the spread - Hanemaaijer et al
Document Name
Study showing Sigma Transwab being used on the Cepheid GeneExpert as an alternative to Copan Kit and proving even with low concentrations of organism, Sigma Transwabs were able to detect MRSA with the added advantage of being able to use the same swab on automated platforms for conventional diagnostic testing - Khan & Jones
Document Name
Study showing BD Max compatible with Sigma Virocult, Sigma Transwab and Fecal Transwab, identifying correctly Herpes Simplex, MRHA and SA, and enteric bacteria respectively - Khan
Document Name
Molecular efficacy of the MWE Sigma Transwab and the Copan Eswab for downstream testing on the GeneXpert and the Roche FLOW system, showing Sigma Transwab out-performing Copan's Eswab - Laughlin, 2019
Document Name
All MWE Liquid Media and Swabs are compatible with the FilmArray system, bioFire - Laughlin,2017
Document Name
Sigma Transwab's performance and suitability as a multifaceted transport and collection kit and it's compatibility with lab automation in comparison to ESwab and Puritan's Liquid Amies - Mulder et al
Document Name
Sigma Transwab maintaining the viability of Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria from wounds - Stuczen et al
Document Name
Evaluation of a new real-time PCR assay (Check-Direct CPE) for rapid detection of KPC, OXA-48, VIM, and NDM carbapenemases using spiked rectal swabs - Nijhuis et al
Document Name
An Introductory Study into the Advantages of the Sigma-Transwab® Open Cell Polyurethane Foam Swabs in Microbiological Transport Systems with Improved Cellular Flow Dynamics and Reduced Sample Entrapment in Microorganism Detection - Ryan et al
Document Name
Comparison of the quality of Gram stain prepared using different swab transport systems (MWE Sigma Swab, MWE Sigma Transwab, MWE Charcoal Swab, Copan ESwab, Healthlink Amies) - Stuczen et al
Document Name
Survival of pneumococci in three different commercial collection and transport systems by MWE, Copan and DeltaLabs (Do we miss Pneumococcal diseases due to flaws in transport conditions?) - Weisenberger et al
For articles and clinical studies on SIGMA TRANSWAB®

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