A DOUBLE ENDED SWAB also a DRYSWAB has a wooden shaft with a taper tip bud on both ends.

This is used for sampling at crime scenes and within forensics.

The removable plug at bottom end allows air drying of sample without mould formation.

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For use at a scene of crime and for forensics

  • Taper tipped bud
  • Removable second plug for air drying of sample
  • Label for recording details
  • Taper tip on wood which assists sampling of dried materials, e.g. blood, on carpets and inaccessible areas
  • Labelled tube provides convenient receptacle for transport and storage
  • No special storage required
Product Codes
Code Description Cap colour Swab length Pack size a case Shelf life
MWDES8/F Forensic Tube Double ended, Wood Shaft Tapered Tip Cotton EO Treated Black/red 15cm 800 3200 5 years
MWDES/P Forensic Tube Double Ended with Plastic Shaft Standard Bud Rayon Black/red 15cm 800 3200 5 years
MW108/2F Forensic Peel Pouch Wood Shaft Standard Tip Cotton - EO Treated 15cm 2 5 years
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