MWE’s POLYWIPE™ is sterile pre-moistened blue sponge swab, ready to use and highly effective for the microbial surface sampling of a wide variety of surfaces in the food industry.

Manufactured from a bright blue special sponge material that prevents shedding and contains no inhibitory substances, it is convenient for flat or irregular surfaces, such as conveyor belts and machines parts, as well as floors, walls, drains and ceilings.

The wipes are pre-moistened with a phosphate buffer and individually sealed in an easy to open tamper proof pouch.

They can be stored at room temperature and are irradiated.

It can be supplied with gloves, resealable bags and a pre-printed label for recording required details.

Recommended applications

Sampling larger surfaces within food, environmental, and veterinary.

  • Pre-moistened buffers
  • Tripple packed and irradiated
  • Bright blue sponge
  • Individually wrapped tamper evident packaging
  • Sterility guaranteed by irradiation
  • Enables optimum recovery of target microorganisms
  • Easy microbial surface sampling of contaminants
  • Can be stored at room temperature
  • Easier to use on larger surfaces
Product Codes
  • A with sterile resealable bags (50)
  • B with sterile resealable bags & gloves (50 of each)
  • C with sterile resealable bags (50) & gloves (100)
  • TB with sterile re-sealable twist-bags & gloves (50 of each)

Add A/B/C/TB to the end of your code depending on the product you want. E.g. MW723A

Code Description Formats Pack size Shelf life
MW723 In peel pouch with NRS A,B 50 1 year
MW724 In peel pouch with Letheen Broth This product is: Build to Order with a 6-8 week lead time and minimum order value. A,B,TB 50 1 year
MW728 In 110ml Polycon container 50 1 year
MW729 Standard with phosphate buffer in peel pouch A,B,C,TB 50 1 year
MW727 With cord in peel pouch A,B,TB 50 1 year
MW726 With Peptone Saline for Carcass sampling A,B,TB 50 1 year
Document Name
MSDS MW724 (Polywipes™with Letheen Broth)
Document Name
MSDS MW725 (Polywipes™)
Document Name
MSDS MW728 (Polywipes™)
Document Name
MSDS MW729 (Polywipes™)
Document Name
Independent Studies
Document Name
Curtains as a source of Clostridium difficile and the need for sampling the entire surface area - Best 2012
Document Name
Studies showing all healthcare environmental cleaning should be performed with chlorine at 1000ppm to effectively reduced the risk of HCAI with C. difficile.
Document Name
Polywipes used for collaborative development of a Quality Assurance Programme for the decontamination of hire beds
Document Name
Polywipes used for microbiological screening of re-usable pressure relieving, low-airloss therapeutic beds to determine the efficacy of the decontamination process
Document Name
Polywipes used to show pathogenic colonisation of hospital badges and neck lanyards in the theatre environment
Document Name
Using Polywipes to sample and assess cleaning methods to eradicate C.diff
For articles and clinical studies on POLYWIPE™ range

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