MICROLOOP® Platinum Range

MWE’s MICROLOOPS® are a range of inoculating loops that have been designed and moulded with precision, to ensure you can rely on them for accurate volumetric technique every time

MWE’s MICROLOOPS® are calibrated, ensure better wetting, have precise moulded smooth edges, are medical devices, and validated to ISO standards. We offer a range of MICROLOOPS® and needles.

The method of streaking out of bacteria on agar surfaces plates was devised in Robert Koch’s laboratory, but the introduction of platinum wire loops is attributed to Mazyck P. Ravenel. Although now largely superceded by nichrome, platinum is still used in some laboratories because of its faster cooling and complete resistance to oxidation and chemical degradation.

Available in 2 loop sizes: 1μl, 10μl

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General microbiology and lab consumables

  • 2 loop sizes: 1μl, 10μl
  • Available as singles
  • Needle version available
  • Platinum MICROLOOPS®, wire inoculating loops, are faster cooling, very little waiting time
  • Resistance to oxidation and degradation from chemicals
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Calibrated and come with a calibration certificate
Product Codes
Code Size Internal diameter Pack size Shelf life
MW190PL 10μl Ø 5.0mm 1 5 years
MW195PL 1μl Ø 1.5mm 1 5 years
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