MICROLOOP® Calibration Gauge

Calibrated MICROLOOPS® being used regularly should be checked on a monthly basis for accuracy.

An easy way to comply is by using the MICROLOOPS® Calibration Gauge (UKAS certified).

This is a simple, but precision tooled Go No-Go Gauge which is used in accordance with the US FDA drill bit method.

Measurement is physical and there is no requirement for a spectrophotometer.

MWE’s MICROLOOPS® are a range of inoculating loops that have been designed and moulded with precision, to ensure you can rely on them for accurate volumetric technique every time.

MWE’s MICROLOOPS® are calibrated, ensure better wetting, have precise moulded smooth edges, are medical devices, and validated to ISO standards. We offer a range of MICROLOOPS® and needles.


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Recommended applications

General microbiology and laboratories

  • Available in two loop sizes
  • Physical measurement, no need of a spectrophotometer
  • Precision tooled Go No-Go Gauge


  • Easy to use
  • Small compact tool makes it simple to calibrate Microloops® regularly
  • Reliable, as developed in accordance to US FDA drill-bit method
Product Codes
Code Size Pack size
MW188 10μl 1
MW189 1μl 1
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MICROLOOP® Calibration Gauge

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