The MWE FECAL TRANSWAB® is a convenient system for transporting faecal samples in small instrument-ready tubes, saving space, and making it easier to transport to laboratories.

It enables rectal sampling which has benefits, particularly in paediatric patients.

In addition, it simplifies and standardises stool sample collection, transport, and processing by converting solid or semi-solid specimens into liquid phase, in primary tubes, to facilitate automated faecal sample processing.

Proven to work with PCR systems and molecular techniques, detecting enteric pathogens. Molecular screening in the routine detection of enteric bacterial pathogens has proven to improve turnaround times, cost efficiency, and reduce clinical waste.

The diagnostics industry should make the most of molecular platforms for efficient handling, transport, and detection of pathogen for faster results.

Industry Categories:
Recommended applications

Rectal and faecal sampling

  • Cary Blair transport media for faecal sampling
  • Easy to use
  • The highly visible red marker line indicates the safe limit for swab insertion
  • Leak proof vial
  • Compatible with automated and manual processing
  • High absorbency cellular flow bud for excellent absorption and release
  • Developed for the collection and transport of enteric microorganisms
Product Codes
Code Description Cap colour Swab length Pack size No. in case Shelf life
MW168S Liquid Cary Blair, media and swab Blue 15cm 125 1000 2 years
MW168PF PurFlock® Liquid Cary Blair Blue 15cm 125 1000 2 years
MW168T Liquid Cary Blair with No Swab Blue n/a 50 n/a 2 years
Product Insert / IFU
Document Name
Fecal Transwab Product Insert English
Document Name
Fecal Transwab Product Insert Italian
Independent Studies
Document Name
Improved Test results especially Salmonella when used with molecular techniques
Document Name
Molecular detection of Enteric Viruses
Document Name
An Evaluation in Accordance to M40-A2 Elcocks & Adukwu 2017
Document Name
Viability and Detection of Enteric Bacteria, and DNA recovery using Molecular Technique - Kartal et al
Document Name
Suitability of Fecal Transwab transport medium for efficient recovery of enteric pathogens at ambient and refrigerated temperatures - Khan and Laughlin
Document Name
Fecal Transwab compatible with the BD Max™ System for DNA testing from intestinal parasites, with complete correlation between the original results for the stool specimens, and those using Fecal Transwab - Khan and Virdee
Document Name
Validation of Fecal Transwab as an effective replacement for traditional Faecal pots, showing a resultant improvement in efficiencies for the automated pre-analytical process
Document Name
All MWE Liquid Media and Swabs are compatible with the FilmArray system, bioFire - Laughlin,2017
Document Name
Document Name
Document Name
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