MWE Medical Wire

Laboratory consumables

Laboratory consumables: essential tools for every microbiology laboratory.

Microloop® Inoculating loops (Nichrome wire, Platinum wire, or sterile plastic), Microrings™ , Identification tests, Viabank™ – Bacterial storage beads (for freezer), Odormycin® (Autoclave deodorant), Bloodgrow™ (Blood culture)

MWE Medical Wire

Category: Laboratory consumables

Cytotak™ Transwab® sterile and non sterile.
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Cytotak™ Transwab® sterile and non sterile.
Cytotak™ non sterile
Cytotak brush; bulk 100/pouch, for cervical smears.
Cytotak™ Tube
Cytotak™ Transwab® sterile labelled tube.
Microloop® Calibration Gauge
Microloop® gauge for checking internal diameter of 10µl and 1µl wire loops.
Microloop® Holders
Microloop® durable insulated brass holders.
Microloop® Nichrome Calibrated
Calibrated Nichrome wire inoculating loops.
Microloop® Nichrome Range
MWE’s range of nichrome wire inoculating loops.
Microloop® Plastic Classic
Sterile plastic inoculating loops with classic handle.
Microloop® Plastic Range
Sterile plastic inoculating loops.
Microloop® Platinum Range
Platinum wire inoculating loop and needle for precise volumetric sampling.
Microring® XV
Microring® XV for early differentiation of Haemophilus influenzae & parainfluenzae.
Microstreaker® Calibrated
Microstreaker® calibrated range of inoculating loops.
Microstreaker® Range
Microstreaker® lightweight holder with various wire inoculating loop sizes.
Selenite Broth
Selenite Broth: an enrichment medium for the isolation of Salmonella species.
Viabank™ Range
Viabank™ bacterial storage beads. Available in blue, green, red, yellow and mixed colours.