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Environmental Infection Control

Environmental infection control premoistened devices for efficient and effective sampling of surfaces in the patient environment.

A range of premoistened sponge and swab devices for sampling near patient surfaces whatever the shape. Polywipe™ sponge swabs are best for sampling larger surfaces, NRS™ Transwab® are premoistened with a neutralising solution for sampling disinfected surfaces.

These products are all convenient, and ready to use, giving effective recovery of environmental contaminants including MRSA, Acinetobacter, and Clostridium difficile, enabling enhanced surveillance of the near patient environment.

MWE Medical Wire

Category: Environmental Infection Control

With a choice of fills for sampling previously cleaned surfaces.
NRSII™ range
With a choice of fills for sampling previously cleaned surfaces.
Polywipe™ range
Polywipe™ premoistened range.
Rayon and Polyester Dryswabs™
Peel Pouch Dryswabs™ available with either Rayon or Polyester/Dacron buds.
Steriswab™ range
Steriswab™ range for the sampling of sterile surfaces.
Transwab® Theatre Pack Amies Charcoal
Theatre packed Transwab® enhanced with charcoal.
Transwab® Theatre Pack Amies Plain
Theatre packed Transwab® Amies medium.
Tubed Dryswab™ Standard Polyester
Tubed sterile Dryswab™ standard polyester.
Tubed Dryswab™ Standard Rayon
Sterile Dryswab™ Rayon with plastic shaft.