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Universal Transport: ∑-VCM™


∑-VCM™ incorporates our universal transport medium specially formulated for the collection and transport of Viruses, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma. 

Retaining well documented qualities of Virocult® medium, which is M40-A Compliant, ∑-VCM™ has been developed as a universal, multipurpose system for use with Viruses, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma and even certain fastidious bacteria such as Neisseria gonorrhoeae.  The base medium allows survival and recovery of the target organisms, while a new cocktail of antimicrobials prevents the growth of contaminating bacteria and fungi in the specimen.

∑-VCM™ can be stored and transported at ambient temperature and is compatible with culture and molecular methods of detection.  ∑-VCM™ offers exceptional convenience with a choice of fill volume, vial size, swab type and comes with a 12 month shelf life.


Universal Transport: ∑-VCM™ products:


Sigma VCM™

Integral swab capture, fully compatible with automated aystems, molecular and traditional protocols.

Sigma VCM™ ENT

Narrow shaft and bud for nasopharyngeal or urethral sampling.

Sigma VCM™ Duo ENT

Two swabs for one transport tube.

Sigma VCM™ Media

Small vial, VCM™ medium only.


Sigma VCM™ (Large)

Sigma VCM™ large vial with 3.0ml medium, standard Sigma swab.

Sigma VCM™ (Large) ENT

Sigma VCM™, large vial with 3.0ml medium, single Mini-Tip Sigma swab.

Sigma VCM™ (Large) Duo ENT

Sigma VCM™, large vial with 3.0ml medium, one standard and one Mini-Tip Sigma swab.

Sigma VCM™ (Large) Duo

Sigma VCM™, large vial with 1.5ml or 3.0ml medium, two standard Sigma swabs.

Sigma VCM™ (Large) Media

Large vial, VCM™ medium only, 3.0ml fill.