Odormycin® Range MWODOA, MWODOA/25, MWODOL, MWODOL/25


Odormycin® autoclave deodorant capsules in refreshing apple and lemon fragrances.

Recommended applications

General microbiology.


  • Deodorant capsules to dispel foul odours released when autoclaving clinical waste.
  • Gelatin capsule dissolves under steam pressure to release fragrance.


  • Easy to use, Safe & non-toxic.
  • Pleasant  non-sickly fragrance.

Product option(s):

Code Name Colour Length Quantity Pack size No. in case Shelf life
MWODOA Odormycin® Apple Green - - 100 capsules - 5 years
MWODOA/25 Odormycin® Apple Green 25 5 years
MWODOL Odormycin® Lemon Yellow - - 100 capsules - 5 years
MWODOL/25 Odormycin® Lemon Yellow 25 5 years