Microstreaker® Calibrated MW1851, MW1871


Microstreaker® lightweight holder complete with calibrated inoculating loops. Insulated aluminium holder with integral calibrated 10µl and 1µl Nichrome wire inoculating loops.

Recommended applications

General microbiology


  • Lightweight handle
  • Colour coded handle indicates size
  • Nichrome 5 alloy for repeated heating /cooling


  • No need to fit or change loop
  • Consistent and reproducible results
  • Rapid cooling and outstanding performance

Product option(s):

Code Name Colour Length Quantity Pack size No. in case Shelf life
MW1851 Microstreaker® 10µl Calibrated White - 1 1 - -
MW1871 Microstreaker® 1µl Calibrated Clear - 1 1 - -