Lab Bags™ MWLB1, MWLB2, MWLB3, MWLB4


Heavy duty clear polypropylene bags for autoclaving and storage of clinical waste.

Recommended applications

General microbiology.


  • Tear resistant so no need to "double up".
  • High temperature for intensive use.


  • Resistant to tearing.
  • Withstands up to 160C..
  • Printed in blue with biological hazard warning.

Product option(s):

Code Name Colour Length Quantity Pack size No. in case Shelf life
MWLB1 Small Lab Bags™ - 305mm x 660mm - 200 - -
MWLB2 Medium Lab Bags™ - 406mm x 630mm - 200 - -
MWLB3 Large Lab Bags™ - 630mm x 840mm - 200 - -
MWLB4 Extra Large Lab Bags™ 635mm x 559mm 200