Vet Swab with Brush  MW126


Dryswab™ veterinary nasopharyngeal with nylon brush for large animals.  Nylon brush swab on extended (27cm) guarded twisted wire shaft. Sterile Dryswab™ in individual labelled tubes, each tamper-evident label is clearly printed with lot number and expiry date. 

Recommended applications


Features and benefits

  • Extended 27cm plastic shaft enclosed in soft medical grade silicone sheath, ensures bud and specimen are protected throughout sampling procedure, and reduces discomfort for animal.
  • Nylon Brush– recommended material for recovery of cellular material.



Product option(s):

Code Name Colour Length Quantity Pack size No. in case Shelf life
MW126 Vet Swab with Brush Red 27cm 1 100 - 5 years