Fecal transport swab: Fecal Transwab® MW168S


Fecal transport swab: Fecal Transwab® introduces a new method of collecting and transporting stool specimens that is both compatible with automated processing systems while offering faster turn round for manual processing.

Recommended applications

Fecal specimens.


  • The collection kit features a rectal swab (new design) together with a vial of liquid Cary Blair transport medium, in an easy open peel pouch.
  • The collection vial contains 2ml of Cary Blair medium, specifically developed for the collection and transport of enteric microorganisms.
  • The leakproof vial features a secure screw cap with integral swab capture, compatible with automated de-capping systems.


  • Liquid medium formatis compatible with automated processors, andmore convenient for manual processing.
  • Integral swab capture in cap.
  • High absorbency cellular flow through foam bud.

Easy to use

  • Directly as a rectal swab. The highly visible red marker line indicates the safe limit for swab insertion.
  • Alternatively the swab can be used to collect material from a stool sample.

When the cap is screwed on, the swab is “captured”, and remains securely fixed when the cap is removed in the laboratory, whether manually or by automatic de-capper.


Product option(s):

Code Name Colour Length Quantity Pack size No. in case Shelf life
MW168S Fecal Transwab® Blue 2ml 1 125 1000 2 year
MW168T Fecal Transwab® Tube Only Blue - 1 50 - 2 years