Amniotic fluid test: Premature rupture of membranes

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Amniotic fluid test called Amnicators™ are nitrazine-based tests for rapid and easy detection of the premature rupture of membranes during pregnancy (PROM). The simple swab test gives a result in less than 5 minutes. A colour change from yellow to blue (nitrazine indicator)  indicates the possible presence of amniotic fluid. Each Amnicator™ test is self contained –with the only additional equipment required being a speculum.

A rapid visible negative result can give reassurance to mother, while positive result indicates further investigation. Amnicators™ are low cost, convenient to carry, and need no special storage.



Amniotic fluid test: Premature rupture of membranes products:



Nitrazine test for detection of amniotic fluid from leaking fetal membranes.

Cytotak™ Transwab® non sterile

Cytotak brush; bulk 100/pouch, for cervical smears.

Cytotak™ Transwab® sterile

Cytotak brush; pack of 125 brushes for cervical smears.

Cytotak™ Transwab® labelled

Cytotak brush, black, sterile, for cervical smears.

Sigma VCM™

Integral swab capture, fully compatible with automated aystems, molecular and traditional protocols.

Sigma VCM™ ENT

Narrow shaft and bud for nasopharyngeal or urethral sampling.

Sigma VCM™ Duo ENT

Two swabs for one transport tube.

Sigma VCM™ Media

Small vial, VCM™ medium only.