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Effective surveillance for food and pharmaceutical industries

MWE has launched a new brochure detailing its ranges of leading products for microbiological sampling of surfaces in clean and sterile areas in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

NRS II Transwabs® are pre-wetted swabs with neutralising media including NRS and Letheen Broth. Polywipes™ are blue sponge swabs pre-wetted with a similar range of media, and suitable for larger surfaces such as benches and conveyor belts. Both NRS II Transwabs® and Polywipes can be used in ISO 18583 based programmes. SteriKit™ and Steriswab™ are also premoistened swab systems designed for sampling sterile areas in pharmaceutical manufacture.

Isolation Transwabs® provide a self-contained “warning bell” method for the early detection of particular pathogens such as Salmonella and Listeria.

To download the brochure please click here.

Sampling for food and pharmaceutical industries