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Selenite Broth from MWE now has 12 months shelf life at ambient temperature

Selenite Broth from Medical Wire is an enrichment medium for the isolation of Salmonella species from faecal specimens. It is supplied in screw cap plastic tubes which are compatible with the automated processing platforms now present in many clinical microbiology laboratories. Swabs from Fecal Transwab® specimens can be transferred to the Selenite Broth tubes, or fecal matter from any stool specimens can be inoculated directly into the broth. Inoculation onto plates can be done manually, or the tubes can be loaded into an automated processing machine. The cap on the Selenite Broth tube is fully compatible with automatic de-capping mechanisms.

MWE Selenite Broth in tubes is CE-marked as an In Vitro Diagnostic Device in accordance with the European In Vitro Diagnostic Devices Directive 98/79/EC.

Storage: Ambient temperature

Shelf Life: 12 months