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MWE, a British manufacturer, secures funding to support critical NHS Covid-19 testing

MWE, a pioneering medical device manufacturer based in Wiltshire has secured £4m in investment including a £1.45m funding package from Barclays.
The company, a global market leader producing medical equipment, began operating from a garden shed in 1952. Stanley Broggio produced wire swabs and laboratory components used for the detection of infectious microorganisms. The company quickly outgrew its original base. In the 1960's they moved to new premises to accommodate the production of their growing product line, including the world's first range of individually packed sterile swabs. The ground-breaking innovation of the Transwab® in 1975 revolutionised the industry; an innovation which is still heralded as the industry standard across the globe.
More than 60 years later, MWE has established an extensive portfolio of products including its Sigma Virocult, a world-leading product for the recovery and detection of viruses. The investment will support the firm with the purchase of specialised equipment to increase the production of its virus transport swabs. 
Before the Covid-19 pandemic, MWE produced in excess of 100 million medical devices each year servicing customers in domestic and global markets. Now, as the primary UK manufacturer of the transport devices required for Covid-19 testing, MWE has tripled production. With high-quality molecular diagnostics essential to the Covid-19 response strategy, their ability to generate millions of swab kits is a vital element of the fight against Covid-19.
MWE’s team of 90 employees are working day and night shifts to maximise and accelerate production. The additional funding will enable them to recruit 30 new staff members to support the increased demand. 
As the pandemic moves to a new phase, the UK's ongoing strategy and easing of lockdown are dependent on increased capacity. 
Managing Director Andrew Broggio explains: "Our medical technology has seen an unprecedented surge in demand in recent weeks. The additional funding, we have been able to secure will enable us to increase our production eight-fold by September. MWE's increased production and the repatriation of manufacturing capability will allow us to develop resilience in the UK medical device sector to a level not required before now."

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