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Independent Studies SIGMA LIQUID DEVICES Efficacy Of Various Devices On FilmArray® Platform Lauglin 2017.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA VIROCULT Implementation of BioFire FilmArray® Houhamdi Bal & Morfin 2017.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA LIQUID DEVICES Compatibility Of Liquid Transport Laughlin 2017.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA SP Efficacy and Downstream Compatibility Laughlin 2017.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB Evaluation of Sigma Transwab® Liquid Amies Transport Medium for Neisseria gonorrhoeae - Child 2017.pdf  
Independent Studies TRANSWAB The Importance of Microbiological collection devices -Laughlin 2017.pdf  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB _ An Evaluation of Faecal Transport Swabs in Accordance w....pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA GBS™ _ Evaluation of enrichment combined with PCR or MALDITOF for ....pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA MM _ Evaluation of a new Medium for Molecular Detection of Influen....pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA MM _ Evaluation of the new Molecular Transport Medium (Sigma MM) f....pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB® & SIGMA TRANSWAB® PF _ Validation According To Cumitech ....pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA -VCM™ _ Evaluation of Sigma-VCM® in the Storage and Transportation....pdf  
Independent Studies Efficacy of the Sigma SP liquid collection device for Liquefaction of Respiratory Specimens and workflow/ standardization on the BD Kiestra® FA InoqulA.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA VCM_Evaluation of the Sigma VCM™ for the storage and recovery of Neisseria gonorrhoeae _ Bratby & Carr, 2016  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Valutazione dei Dispositivi Sigma Transwab_ Adukwu and Gizzie 2015.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Evaluation of Sigma Transwab With Foam Tip Swab _Adukwu and Gizzie 2015 .pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Recovery of Genomic DNA from Sigma Transwab system_Gizzie and Adukwu 2015 .pdf  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB_Assessing Enteric Bacterial Viability and DNA Recovery using Fecal Transwab_Kartal et al 2015 .pdf  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB_Assessing Enteric Bacterial Viability and DNA Recovery using Fecal Transwab_Kartal et al 2015.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA-TSB_Evaluation of new Collection and Enrichment Device for MRSA_Khan Gizzie Adukwu and Jones.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA VIROCULT_Evaluation of Sigma Virocult for HSV on Smartcycler & BD Max_Khan Stone Jones 2015 .pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Gizzie Adukwu ASM 2015 Using the new CSLI M40-A2 Standard Coupled with Molecular Criteria to assess the performance of Sigma Transwab PF.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA-TSB_Khan Gizzie Adukwu 2015 Evaluation of a new collection and enrichment swab device for direct testing in accordance with Dutch guideline on the laborat.pdf  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB_Khan & Virdee 2015 Evaluation of a new PCR-based platform for the rapid detection and identification of faecal parasites from swab transport devices.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Graveling, Venkatesh & Banerjee 2015 Evaluation of Sigma Transwab® in Liquid Amies.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Chatelain - Evaluation of Sigma Transwabs & Sigma Transwab PF on WASP.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Chatelain - Evaluation des ecouvillions Sigma Transwab et Sigma Transwab PF sur WASP.pdf  
Independent Studies LISTERIA ISOLATION TRANSWAB_Liquid swab development for food bourne pathogens.pdf  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB_ESCV 2014 Poster P1020 Fecal Transwab.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA VCM_ESCV 2014 Poster P1313 VCM_PF & FastTrack.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_2014 JHI New screening method to detect carriage of CPE in patients with....pdf  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB_2013 Final version Carba paper.pdf  
Independent Studies Aminicator Literature  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB/SIGMA VIROCULT_Khan - Use of Sigma Transwab_Sigma Virocult & Fecal Transwab on BD Max.pdf  
Independent Studies POLYWIPES_Steriopoulis - Use of Polywipes for C diff.pdf  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB_Eltringham - Fecal Transwab for Molecular Detection of enteric viruses (1).pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_ Eltringham and Sails 2013 Detection of viral DNA when comparing two bacterial transport systems  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Eltringham and Sails 2013, Comparison of two bacteriological transport systems for preservation of detectable viral DNA following storage  
Independent Studies SIGMA VIROCULT_Shedden & Wood 2013, Using a swab based system (Sigma Virocult) as an alternative to aspirates for the recovery of human respiratory Syncytial Virus  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Khan & Jones 2013, Evaluation of Sigma Transwab (Liquid Medium Swabs) and Cepheid/Copan duo swabs for the rapid detection of MRSA using Genexpert PCR Analyser  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Khan & Jones 2013, Evaluation of a Liquid Medium Transport Swab (Sigma TranswabR) for the Detection of MRSA Using the Cepheid GeneXpertR PCR Analyser  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Khan & Jones, 2013, Evaluation of Sigma TranswabR (liquid medium swabs) for the Rapid detection of MRSA using the GeneXpertR PCR Analyser  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_K.Khan, J Laughlin, An investigation of the suitability of liquid transport medium for recovery of enteric pathogens from faecal specimens, Microbe, September 2012  
Independent Studies POLYWIPES_J. Collins, L. Hall, L. Dalziel, A. Teager and Prof F K Gould, Collaborative Development of a Quality Assurance Programme for the Decontamination of Hire Beds, Microbe September 2012  
Independent Studies POLYWIPES/CLOSTRIDIUM DIFFICILE AGAR_Collins 2012 mattress screening using Polywipes & Cromgenic Clostridium Difficile Agar  
Independent Studies POLYWIPES_Lobaz, et al 2012 Pathogenic colonisation of hospital badges & neck lanyards in theatre  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB_Khan & Laughlin 2012 - Recovery of enteric pathogens from faecal specimens  
Independent Studies SIGMA VIROCULT/SIGMA VCM_Valette, M., R. Fanget, G. Burfin, D. Shedden, & B. Lina, 2012, Evaluation of suitability of various novel swab devices for the molecular detection of Influenza A from surveillance samples in France. ECCMID 2012  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB_Khan, K. & J. Laughlin, 2012, An investigation of the suitability of liquid transport medium for recovery of enteric pathogens from faecal specimens. ECCMID 2012  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB_Laughlin, J., & K. Khan, 2012, Validation of New Liquid Faecal Swab for the detection of Clostridium difficile from faecal specimens with multiple diagnostic assays. ECCMID 2012  
Independent Studies SIGMA VCM_Pedrosa-Corral, I. , E. Cuadros-Moronta, S. Sanbonmatsu-Gámez, M. Pérez-Ruiz*, JM. Navarro-Marí, & D. Shedden, 2012, Evaluation of Sigma VCM™ for detection of Bordetella pertussis and H1N1 ECCMID2012  
Independent Studies POLYWIPES_Best, E.L. , C.E. Bosomworth, F. Pinker, P. Parnell, & M.H. Wilcox, 2012, Curtains as a source of Clostridium difficile: the importance of sampling methods. Poster Reference P2244, ECCMID, London, 2012  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB_Efficacy of Novel Liquid Medium Swab Device For Faecal Pathogens  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB_Efficacité d’un nouvel écouvillon avec milieu de transport dédié aux pathogènes fécaux  
Independent Studies SIGMA VIROCULT_Prevalence of respiratory viruses in different populations using Sigma-Virocult®  
Independent Studies SIGMA VCM_The role of Sigma VCM® within an Infectious Disease Laboratory using Molecular Diagnostics  
Independent Studies SIGMA VCM_Evaluation of Sigma VCM (Virus, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma) Transport System by Molecular Techniques  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Stuczen , Bowling & Edwards-Jones, 2011.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA VCM_Rudsdale, Hague, Eltringham & Hill, 2011.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Ryan, 2011.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA VCM_Stuczen 2011.pdf  
Independent Studies A swab is a swab.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA VIROCULT_Comparison Of Virocult® Swab, S-Swab® & S-Virocult® For Influenza A.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA VIROCULT_Detection of Influenza A (Pandemic H1N1v), RSV, Rhinovirus ESCV.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA VIROCULT_Evaluation Of A Virology Specimen Transport Device With Six Viruses Using Clsi Standard M40-A.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA VIROCULT_Investigation Of The Suitability Of The Virocult® Swab Transport.pdf  
Independent Studies VIROCULT_Laboratory Evaluation of S-Virocult® Transport Swabs.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA VCM_Evaluation of Sigma (S) VCM™ (Virus, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma).pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Streptococcus pneumoniae - a fussy traveller.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_The weakest link. Specimen Collection for Clinical Microbiology.pdf  
Independent Studies RAYON SWAB_What's better than a Rayon Swab.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_An Evaluation of Media Suitable for the Transportation by Air of Streptococcus pneumoniae.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Comparative Study Of Copan Venturi Transystem & Medical Wire And Equipment (MWE) Transwab®.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Investigation Of The Ability Of Transport Swabs To Release Collected Micro-Organisms - Using The Roll Plate Method.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Refrigeration does not impair the recovery of Neisseria gonorrhoeae from charcoal transport medium.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_A Study Of Various Commercially Available Transport Swabs For The Recovery Of Fastidious Organisms.pdf  
Independent Studies FLOCKED SWABS_Clinical Performance of Foam vs Flocked Swabs.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA SWAB_Comparison of Medical Wire's new Sigma-Swab.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA SWAB_Comparison of the quality of Gram stain prepared using different swab transport systems.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA SWAB_Efficacy of a New Sigma-Swab Transport System (Medical Wire) in Maintaining Viability of Wound Pathogens.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA SWAB_Maintaining Viability of Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria from.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA SWAB_S-SwabT - The Ideal M40-A Device.pdf  
Independent Studies AMNICATOR_Review of the use of Nitrazine Yellow Swabs in Pre-labour Rupture of Membranes.pdf  
Independent Studies BORICON_Boric acid for bacteriostasis.pdf  
Independent Studies VIABANK_Taking care of your frozen assets.pdf  
Independent Studies POLYWIPES_Microbiological screening of re-usable therapeutic beds.pdf  
Independent Studies LISTERIA ISOLATION TRANSWAB_Evaluation of self-contained test for Listeria monocytogenes.pdf