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Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB _ An Evaluation of Faecal Transport Swabs in Accordance w....pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA GBS™ _ Evaluation of enrichment combined with PCR or MALDITOF for ....pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA MM _ Evaluation of a new Medium for Molecular Detection of Influen....pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA MM _ Evaluation of the new Molecular Transport Medium (Sigma MM) f....pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB® & SIGMA TRANSWAB® PF _ Validation According To Cumitech ....pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA -VCM™ _ Evaluation of Sigma-VCM® in the Storage and Transportation....pdf  
Independent Studies Efficacy of the Sigma SP liquid collection device for Liquefaction of Respiratory Specimens and workflow/ standardization on the BD Kiestra® FA InoqulA.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA VCM_Evaluation of the Sigma VCM™ for the storage and recovery of Neisseria gonorrhoeae _ Bratby & Carr, 2016  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Valutazione dei Dispositivi Sigma Transwab_ Adukwu and Gizzie 2015.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Evaluation of Sigma Transwab With Foam Tip Swab _Adukwu and Gizzie 2015 .pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Recovery of Genomic DNA from Sigma Transwab system_Gizzie and Adukwu 2015 .pdf  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB_Assessing Enteric Bacterial Viability and DNA Recovery using Fecal Transwab_Kartal et al 2015 .pdf  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB_Assessing Enteric Bacterial Viability and DNA Recovery using Fecal Transwab_Kartal et al 2015.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA-TSB_Evaluation of new Collection and Enrichment Device for MRSA_Khan Gizzie Adukwu and Jones.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA VIROCULT_Evaluation of Sigma Virocult for HSV on Smartcycler & BD Max_Khan Stone Jones 2015 .pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Gizzie Adukwu ASM 2015 Using the new CSLI M40-A2 Standard Coupled with Molecular Criteria to assess the performance of Sigma Transwab PF.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA-TSB_Khan Gizzie Adukwu 2015 Evaluation of a new collection and enrichment swab device for direct testing in accordance with Dutch guideline on the laborat.pdf  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB_Khan & Virdee 2015 Evaluation of a new PCR-based platform for the rapid detection and identification of faecal parasites from swab transport devices.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Graveling, Venkatesh & Banerjee 2015 Evaluation of Sigma Transwab® in Liquid Amies.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Chatelain - Evaluation of Sigma Transwabs & Sigma Transwab PF on WASP.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Chatelain - Evaluation des ecouvillions Sigma Transwab et Sigma Transwab PF sur WASP.pdf  
Independent Studies LISTERIA ISOLATION TRANSWAB_Liquid swab development for food bourne pathogens.pdf  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB_ESCV 2014 Poster P1020 Fecal Transwab.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA VCM_ESCV 2014 Poster P1313 VCM_PF & FastTrack.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_2014 JHI New screening method to detect carriage of CPE in patients with....pdf  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB_2013 Final version Carba paper.pdf  
Independent Studies Aminicator Literature  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB/SIGMA VIROCULT_Khan - Use of Sigma Transwab_Sigma Virocult & Fecal Transwab on BD Max.pdf  
Independent Studies POLYWIPES_Steriopoulis - Use of Polywipes for C diff.pdf  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB_Eltringham - Fecal Transwab for Molecular Detection of enteric viruses (1).pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_ Eltringham and Sails 2013 Detection of viral DNA when comparing two bacterial transport systems  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Eltringham and Sails 2013, Comparison of two bacteriological transport systems for preservation of detectable viral DNA following storage  
Independent Studies SIGMA VIROCULT_Shedden & Wood 2013, Using a swab based system (Sigma Virocult) as an alternative to aspirates for the recovery of human respiratory Syncytial Virus  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Khan & Jones 2013, Evaluation of Sigma Transwab (Liquid Medium Swabs) and Cepheid/Copan duo swabs for the rapid detection of MRSA using Genexpert PCR Analyser  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Khan & Jones 2013, Evaluation of a Liquid Medium Transport Swab (Sigma TranswabR) for the Detection of MRSA Using the Cepheid GeneXpertR PCR Analyser  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Khan & Jones, 2013, Evaluation of Sigma TranswabR (liquid medium swabs) for the Rapid detection of MRSA using the GeneXpertR PCR Analyser  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_K.Khan, J Laughlin, An investigation of the suitability of liquid transport medium for recovery of enteric pathogens from faecal specimens, Microbe, September 2012  
Independent Studies POLYWIPES_J. Collins, L. Hall, L. Dalziel, A. Teager and Prof F K Gould, Collaborative Development of a Quality Assurance Programme for the Decontamination of Hire Beds, Microbe September 2012  
Independent Studies POLYWIPES/CLOSTRIDIUM DIFFICILE AGAR_Collins 2012 mattress screening using Polywipes & Cromgenic Clostridium Difficile Agar  
Independent Studies POLYWIPES_Lobaz, et al 2012 Pathogenic colonisation of hospital badges & neck lanyards in theatre  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB_Khan & Laughlin 2012 - Recovery of enteric pathogens from faecal specimens  
Independent Studies SIGMA VIROCULT/SIGMA VCM_Valette, M., R. Fanget, G. Burfin, D. Shedden, & B. Lina, 2012, Evaluation of suitability of various novel swab devices for the molecular detection of Influenza A from surveillance samples in France. ECCMID 2012  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB_Khan, K. & J. Laughlin, 2012, An investigation of the suitability of liquid transport medium for recovery of enteric pathogens from faecal specimens. ECCMID 2012  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB_Laughlin, J., & K. Khan, 2012, Validation of New Liquid Faecal Swab for the detection of Clostridium difficile from faecal specimens with multiple diagnostic assays. ECCMID 2012  
Independent Studies SIGMA VCM_Pedrosa-Corral, I. , E. Cuadros-Moronta, S. Sanbonmatsu-Gámez, M. Pérez-Ruiz*, JM. Navarro-Marí, & D. Shedden, 2012, Evaluation of Sigma VCM™ for detection of Bordetella pertussis and H1N1 ECCMID2012  
Independent Studies POLYWIPES_Best, E.L. , C.E. Bosomworth, F. Pinker, P. Parnell, & M.H. Wilcox, 2012, Curtains as a source of Clostridium difficile: the importance of sampling methods. Poster Reference P2244, ECCMID, London, 2012  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB_Efficacy of Novel Liquid Medium Swab Device For Faecal Pathogens  
Independent Studies FECAL TRANSWAB_Efficacité d’un nouvel écouvillon avec milieu de transport dédié aux pathogènes fécaux  
Independent Studies SIGMA VIROCULT_Prevalence of respiratory viruses in different populations using Sigma-Virocult®  
Independent Studies SIGMA VCM_The role of Sigma VCM® within an Infectious Disease Laboratory using Molecular Diagnostics  
Independent Studies SIGMA VCM_Evaluation of Sigma VCM (Virus, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma) Transport System by Molecular Techniques  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Stuczen , Bowling & Edwards-Jones, 2011.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA VCM_Rudsdale, Hague, Eltringham & Hill, 2011.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Ryan, 2011.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA VCM_Stuczen 2011.pdf  
Independent Studies A swab is a swab.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA VIROCULT_Comparison Of Virocult® Swab, S-Swab® & S-Virocult® For Influenza A.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA VIROCULT_Detection of Influenza A (Pandemic H1N1v), RSV, Rhinovirus ESCV.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA VIROCULT_Evaluation Of A Virology Specimen Transport Device With Six Viruses Using Clsi Standard M40-A.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA VIROCULT_Investigation Of The Suitability Of The Virocult® Swab Transport.pdf  
Independent Studies VIROCULT_Laboratory Evaluation of S-Virocult® Transport Swabs.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA VCM_Evaluation of Sigma (S) VCM™ (Virus, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma).pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Streptococcus pneumoniae - a fussy traveller.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_The weakest link. Specimen Collection for Clinical Microbiology.pdf  
Independent Studies RAYON SWAB_What's better than a Rayon Swab.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_An Evaluation of Media Suitable for the Transportation by Air of Streptococcus pneumoniae.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Comparative Study Of Copan Venturi Transystem & Medical Wire And Equipment (MWE) Transwab®.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Investigation Of The Ability Of Transport Swabs To Release Collected Micro-Organisms - Using The Roll Plate Method.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_Refrigeration does not impair the recovery of Neisseria gonorrhoeae from charcoal transport medium.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA TRANSWAB_A Study Of Various Commercially Available Transport Swabs For The Recovery Of Fastidious Organisms.pdf  
Independent Studies FLOCKED SWABS_Clinical Performance of Foam vs Flocked Swabs.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA SWAB_Comparison of Medical Wire's new Sigma-Swab.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA SWAB_Comparison of the quality of Gram stain prepared using different swab transport systems.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA SWAB_Efficacy of a New Sigma-Swab Transport System (Medical Wire) in Maintaining Viability of Wound Pathogens.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA SWAB_Maintaining Viability of Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria from.pdf  
Independent Studies SIGMA SWAB_S-SwabT - The Ideal M40-A Device.pdf  
Independent Studies AMNICATOR_Review of the use of Nitrazine Yellow Swabs in Pre-labour Rupture of Membranes.pdf  
Independent Studies BORICON_Boric acid for bacteriostasis.pdf  
Independent Studies VIABANK_Taking care of your frozen assets.pdf  
Independent Studies POLYWIPES_Microbiological screening of re-usable therapeutic beds.pdf  
Independent Studies LISTERIA ISOLATION TRANSWAB_Evaluation of self-contained test for Listeria monocytogenes.pdf